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USMLE Book's & Links

The Usmle books are available in the following book shops

1. KEYA LIBRARY, Nilkhet, Dhaka,

Tel:01716213616 - for all kind of USMLE materials


2. PG LIBRARY, Nilkhet, Dhaka

Tel: 01732846056, 01935001562



117, Islamia Market, Nilkhet, Dhaka.

Phone: 017111340123.


4.SHAHBAG AZIZ MARKET, ground floor,

just beside prothoma publication. 

Approximate price 


Total price for all KAPLAN books is approximately Taka 2200/-


- Kaplan DVDs probably Taka 1500/-


- First Aid: 350 taka 


- Goljan: 400 taka 


- HY Anatomy: 200/-


- HY Embryology: 200/-



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First Aid Book 

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Score Interpretation Guide


1)Jackson Park, Chicago Contact

2)Mercy hospital st louis has externship on merit andcredentials. Its free.( Internal Medicine - Filled till December 2013. They accept applications on October 1st for January to May. Need Social Security and scores above 220, one month only). Applicable only if you have US Social security number.


1)North Shore Medical Centre-Salem Hospital Program, MA in IM, email CV to Program co-cordinator. Link is

2)Children's hospital of Pittsburgh: department of endocrinology

3)Cooper University Hospital: Pediatrics Contact

4)Texas, Good Shepherd Medical center, send email forobservership to program coordinator, her email address given on frieda. theyhave usually 3 observers every month and no fees for observership

5)UMC Las Vegas - you'll need to find a faculty sponsor.

6)University of Florida Gainesville/Pediatrics,Free ofcost. Need to find a sponsoring faculty..the information is given on theirwebsite....
clerkship coordinator-Haltam onemonth only

7)Alleghany General Hospital. IM paid. Contact

8)Cleveland Clinic/Ohio/Pediatrics-paid observership..visittheir website for more information.

9)Memorial Sloan Kettering cancer center observership,newyork:

10)Texas, Good Shepherd Medical center, send email forobservership to program coordinator, her email address given on frieda. theyhave usually 3 observers every month and no fees for observership.

11)Griffin hospital Connecticut has paid observership @500$/month.(needs official transcripts).

12)Boston Childrens Hospital:
NICU Observership for 1 month at Boston Children' person is Hossain is

13)Ochsner medical center at New Orleans has freeobserverships, if any of the faculty working there recommends the candidate.

14)CHM,children's ,Detroit-observer ship in ED, no cost

15)USF infectious disease,Tampa,Florida paid observership(2000$)

16)Wayne state univ paid observership $1500/month
(website says not offering now- i donno why-i knew people who have done recently too).

17)St Agnes hospital Baltimore MD- In Int.Medicine 500 $/month if any faculty or resident recommend you for observership.

18)St. Vincent Hospital Worcester, MA - Observership - free as long as one of the doctors agrees to it so email and call them

19)Mt.Sinai newyork-Cardiology observership-free of cost-long waiting list.So plan ahead. contact Email:

20)Mt.Sinai newyork-PEDS-Hepatic transplant-observership-500$/MONTH. Sometimes they waive the fee(that is they give it for free).
contact email:

21)UT houston-observership-They have an application fee apart from processing fee too. You need to find a faculty sponsor.
An application processing fee ($350.00 USD if paid by money order or $375.00 USD if paid by wire transfer) will be charged to all Foreign Observers and Foreign Professional Trainees who will start their visit on or after September 01, 2012.

22)Tulane University,New Orleans-You need to find a faculty sponsor-Free Observership

23)UPMC -Offers observerships-you need to find a faculty sponsor

24)Miller school of Medicine,Miami-Paid observership(May be around 1500$).

25)Mayo Clinic,Florida-does offer-should plan ahead. You need to find a faculty sponsor.
this website says- There is a $500.00 application fee which is non-refundable. Checks should be made payable to Cleveland Clinic Florida. In addition to the application fee we require a weekly tuition fee in the amount of $100.00. This fee can be paid on or before starting your rotation.

26)Cleveland Clinic-Two kind of observerships
1)International physician observer program(doesn't need ECFMG cert-not meant for USMLE aspirants-but still give a try).
2)Global observership program.(ECFMG certificate required).

27)Cleveland Clinic Epilepsy observership-3 months.

28)Oklahoma state Medical Association- observership-3 months(Paid)- application fee $250 + $900 for 12 weeks. not a University hospital, no choice of speciality but you get placed in IM mostly.

29)Mercy St.Vincents ,Toledo,Ohio-Check their website.(Needs ECFMG certificate-contacts help-because many with ECFMG cert dint get).

30)UNMC,nebraska-various specialities-VERY VERY long Waiting list-Should Plan Really ahead-I am on waiting list still.

31)UNMC neurology observership,Nebraska:

32)Creigton University neurology observership program-(Needs step1,step2 ck score).

33)University of Kentucky-Neurology observership-see their website.(free)

34)Massachusetts General hospital-Paid observership.

35)Moffitt's Cancer hospitals-Tampa,florida

36)Cleveland Clinic Florida-Paid observership(Cost: $500 for application and $100/ week if selected.)

37)Mt.Sinai Medical CENTER,Miami-Paid observership(I think miller school of medicine and this are almost same).

38)Drexel has a paid observership-around 7500$ for 4-6 weeks.

39)Griffin memorial Hospital, Norman, Oklahoma - Psychiatry. Cost- $400, 1 month. For more details contact program coordinator- Pam Melton,

40)Duke University, Durham- Oncology.

41)Univ Of Louisville,Psychiatry-4 month duration

42)MD Anderson cancer center,Leukemia department,4 weeks,No charge,apply early.(They are not offering them now these days-Also i dont see any benefit in doing here).

43)Baylor college of Medicine, Texas- Pediatrics. Contact Ms. Claudia Flores. (I am not sure whether they are offering it now adays.

44)University of Minessota observership- multiple specialties

45)Internal Medicine externship at Heart and Vascular institute in Detroit, u can fill the application form on their website take some time to process the application around 2 months...
46)Pediatrics observership at New york at MDPEDS clinic.. U need to meet the doctor personally.. U can access the address on doctors name is Dr. Daniela Atanassova-Lineva M.D. the clinic is in queens, Ny..

47)Michigan state university-Sparrow Hospital-Internal Medicine Observership. They offer limited Obsies and Application time is single day-It was on April 30 this year. Timings was from 8AM to 1.30 PM .See how narrow it is. (Lets see how it goes).

48)Baylor College of Medicine, Multiple Sclerosis Observership Program contact

49)Jackson Memorial Hospitals,Miami:

50)Florida Hospital,Orlando:

51)Case Western Univesity, Urology Observership:

52)George Washington University Observership Program:

53)Henry Ford Hospital,Detroit observership

54)Dana Farber Cancer Institute Observership:

55)Inova observership, Virginia:

56)Penn Medicine Observer program:

57)Beth-Israel Deaconess Center,Observership Program:

58)Baptist Health South Florida: Observer program:

59)Childrens National Peds Observership:

60)Seattles childrens hospital observership:

61)Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, MA ( University Of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
Observership in Anesthesiology(free)/ Critical Care (500$)/ Infectious Diseases(1000$)


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