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Conflict Resolution- An approach that can solve ?

Conflict is a confrontation between individuals that arises from a difference in attitudes, understanding, interests, thoughts, and perceptions. Conflict resolution is how two or more parties find a peaceful way of solving a financial, personal, emotional, or political disagreement among themselves.  Fig:  Conflict Resolution.   The ways of solving conflicts include the following: i. Confrontation. In this stage, the parties disagreeing to come together and discuss the problem at hand. They focus on finding the solution to the conflict by getting the best course of action for the team members. Every member of the team participates hence bringing a win-win outcome. An example is when the team members need to solve a problem with time management. ii. Compromising. In this stage, the team thinks of a middle path whereby they decide to give up on something and identify a temporary resolution. The decision taken should last for a short period, bringing a lose-lose outcome to the members. An